2017 Spiritual Festivity Books

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The Junior High books are available for download as PDFs by clicking on their titles below


2017 Spiritual Festivity | Junior High Books

1) Contemplations on the Resurrection – H.H. Pope Shenouda III


2) How to Benefit from the Holy Liturgy, Part 1 – Bishop Mettaous *


* Part 1 starts from the beginning of the book up to and including Chapter 6, ending on page 109 of the full book. The PDF link contains only the chapters covered for this year’s competition.

3) Selections from Paradise of the Spirit – Bishop Youanis **


** For this book we have selected chapters from the three books published by the same name. The PDF link contains the selections from the book for this year’s competition.


2017 Spiritual Festivity | High School/College Books 

1) God’s Path to Sanity: Lessons from Ancient Holy Counselors on How to Have a Sound Mind – Dee Pennock


2) Prayer in the Unseen Warfare – Jack Sparks


3) On Wealth and Poverty – St. John Chrysostom